So much happens at the end of November

I know I talk about being busy a lot (mostly because it is true) but I will refrain from bitching about it and move right into gratitude. And turkey. Mostly turkey.


Or my obligation to listen to Alice’s Restaurant

 Turkey Day came and went as expected. It was great to have the chance to just be home. So I left for a run. Not a long run. OK nevermind I just went back and looked it was 11.54 miles. Pretty good run. I cannot remember the last time I had a bad run (if ever). I’ve had plenty of hard runs but no bad ones come to mind. I’m pretty happy with the pace too considering how much of it was climbing.


After the run it was food time! OK It’s kind of always food time for me but this was a special occasion. We don’t do much meat so this was an event and we were making a few more unusual items.

 Animal and I had decided to try making borromean onion rings. Borromean rings are a thing. An age old thing actually. Animal was inspired to do it after watching the VI Hart turducken and borromean rings videos. We do not want a turducken so we opted for the rings. They are prettier anyway.

I love Vi Hart (as does Pat Rothfuss) so there’s really no argument there. Check out her amazing videos. You will be entertained and….amazed.

¡Mom visits!

My mother and her husband came into town just following Thanksgiving. It’s been about a year since they were here last, and we did see mom over the summer when we went back to MN. My relationship with my mother is…..complex (who’s isn’t) and deserves more specific attention than a mere mention here, so perhaps another time. Let it be known that I love my mother and she loves me, but I’d put money down that we both have our problems, some of which we share.

We don’t talk much. There were many years that we wouldn’t talk for months at a time and then call and do a quick check in. We do better than that now. Not much but better. My mom responds more often to my wife or to my daughters than to me, which bugs me more than I let on but we are better.

It was a “normal” visit. Mom and Rich hung out at home. We played Bean Boozled, which I highly recommend. I might be able to say that only because I got 3 of four “good” tasting beans. Only one skunk spray and no barf flavored bean. Yes I’m serious. Google it. Lots of videos with reactions. You’ll see some of ours below.

We also took a ride up the Tram to Sandia Peak. It was about 30º up there. Chilly and windy but beautiful. There are lots of trails at the crest and many were snowed in and overgrown with frost. It was just amazing.

As amazing as those shots are there were a couple more that I really liked.

Icy tree above the Rio Grande valley.
Snookums warming up before the tram ride down.

This is getting a bit long so I’ll save the rest for another post (I have a couple cooking/stewing/simmering). I guess I like cooking/food metaphors. I’ll end with a shot of me up on the peak beneath a frozen tree. Lookin’ good.

End of Movember.

I pray you all had a safe and happy holiday. Did you get together with family or fly solo? What wondrous event did you experience?


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