What a Weekend?!

Perhaps I should say “What a week?! Or month (or two). We’ve been busy. I may have mentioned it. November has been much better than October and I am thankful for that (see what I did there..that’s foreshadowing) and yet we have been running around a bit.

I have literally been running but not nearly as much as I want. Not sure there is enough to be honest.

I got out last Sunday which was helpful. I was in a weird place mentally and needed some clarity. So despite a light cold rain I headed up to one of my favorite trails in the foothills, Piedra Lisa. It is two miles of up and then 3 miles down to the other trail-head. I ran up and over the ridge straight into the clouds which turned the light cold rain into a steady cold rain that got steadier ever step down.

I decided that I had better turn around and head back but the steady rain, the warmth of my body against the cold water did wonders for my mental state. When I climbed back up to the ridge the wind blew just right to billow the rain beautifully into a sheet. As I ran down the trail I had a moment where the drop falling off my hat was floating slowly down in front of my eyes….fucking dramatic slow motion. Beautiful.IMG_1285

I just finished a 6 mile run today. A reverse route of one of my regulars. Something as simple as going the other way can change the way the whole thing feels. I am unused to going backwards, I don’t know where to put my feet and it all looks and feels brand new. Beautiful. I did the regular route yesterday. There is a steep climb up to a ridge with a large rock.

It’s a big rock and man what a view.
Movember is coming along nicely.

In other news we hosted Children’s Class today!  The local Baha’i Children’s Class has been traveling between homes in an effort to show parents it is possible to host a class in your home and more importantly in my mind, to emphasize the amount of support we would have while doing so.

Bigger kiddos in the backyard.

It was a bit of work getting the house ready but to be honest I love cleaning. I’m pretty good at it and oddly enough I think my whole family gets excited and energized by it. Didn’t take much time to get our house ready and we had lots of fun.

It was even more work once all those folks (approx 42, Lisa counted) showed up. I normally participate in the adult study group but I was on kitchen duty. I managed the food, cooked 4 pizzas and giant thing of Costco mac and cheese and made sure no kids peed themselves. Lots of fun.

Seriously feeling blessed to have so many friends in our home. I look forward to hosting a regular Children’s class but until then we are happy to participate as is. Really what I desire is to host a weekly D&D session but baby-steps. I have some people I’m scoping out. Watch your back folks…you know who you are.

Looking forward to Feast tonight. Yes we saw a number of these folks today but community building takes work! Besides Persians make some great food.

No questions. I pray you have had a wonderful weekend and if not I pray you have had people to share your weekend with.  Share your weekend if you like.


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