My 10 year old daughter is smarter and more accomplished than I am.

We have been a busy family of late and much of it has to do with my older daughter whom I refer to as Animal on the blog. She is in 5th grade now and she is so much more accomplished than I remember being or aspiring to at that age. We are definitely different people.

She qualified for the school Spelling Bee and despite being nervous placed 5th. This was not a fluke either she studied for a few minutes most every day. I am happy to see her try something she was a bit scared to do. I got into the Spelling Bee in 7th grade and I didn’t even show up. Too scared now that I look back but then I pretended I wasn’t interested. Good for her for showing up.


Another Animal related activity is piano. Her fall recital was Sunday and once again she was nervous (always is prior to a performance) but still she went up and played really well. She didn’t play perfectly and she will be the first to tell you that but she did very well and she smiled at the end.


Sweetums and I enjoying the show.
Sweetums and I enjoying the show.

Lastly, Animal had entered into this years PTA reflections contest. Let your Imagination Fly is the theme for this year. So create some sort of art piece relfecting what that means to you. Kids can do amazing stuff. Animal took this on at full steam. She got an idea for a quilt, sketched it, planned it out, including colors, amounts of fabric and how she was going to arrange it. I dunno how she does all this so precisely, sewing involves math and she rocks at math. Hours of work, of cutting , arranging, sewing, hemming, and probably more than I know this is was her final product:


To make a long story just a bit shorter she got 1st place! As happy as I am that she was recognized for her effort I am far more excited about the fact that she was so proud of herself. She worked hard at this, and she was happy with what she did. She felt good about it and was smiling and laughing when finished, long before awards were decided.

1st place!
1st place!

I am so proud of Animal for all the work she has done (she has worked hard) but more so for all the fun she is having. She’s really been enjoying this year and she is an example to me about how it is possible to do what you love. I guess that’s why I am writing this blog/journal/thing. This is what I love to do and want to do.

Thanks kiddo for inspiring me.


Q: Who inspires you and why? Have you told them?


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