Filling in the spaces

There were a few gaps between posts recently. What can I say? Life has been particularly busy what with all the school flu clinics I am managing, having a wife and two kids and blah blah blah… I know, I know, you are busy too. We all are. Take some time and do something fun, or nothing at all.

In mid-October Lisa and I were privileged to accompany Sweetums on  her very first ever school field trip. We went to the ABQ Botanical Gardens and Aquarium.


Holy shit I love this kid. She is easily the kindest person I know. Does every parent feel this way about their kid? I’m biased I get it but what a gentle soul.

The gardens here are really fun and there is a huge section that is really kid friendly. I mean a giant dragon? What kid (or grown DnD player) doesn’t love the idea of that?

You need a 12 or better for Thac0 7.
You need a 17 or better for AC 2.

The weather was great (thanks ABQ) and we spent a beautiful lunch outside. Afterwards we headed into the Aquarium. Not much of an aquarium but for the desert it’s pretty good. Lots of fish and some nice scenery even a few obligatory jellies.

IMG_1227 IMG_1228We had a lot of together that day and it was especially fun watching Sweetums interact with her classmates. We lose out kids when they head off to school and they really start fine-tuning their personalities, who they are going to be when they are around other people. She’s already off to a great start.

In other news it is now officially Movember. Yes it is that time of year when I grow a mustache and Lisa puts up with it for just long enough to start to get really annoyed by how I look. I have been growing my hair out and the addition of the hair lip will ultimately end up with a 70’s cop effect.

Thats actually not to far from where I’m headed so….lookin’ good!

Take a swing by my personal site and laugh at the pic or give a little encouragement or cash if you are able. A little bit goes a long way and men traditionally do not take care of themselves as well as women do.

Anybody got any good mustache stories?


4 thoughts on “Filling in the spaces

  1. I think there are plenty of parents out there that DO NOT think their children are angelic like yours. I was hellacious in my younger days, but I like to think I turned out well. 😉


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