Weekend Update

No not that Weekend Update. Just a quick note to speak on the success of our mostly quiet weekend.

Child the second had a birthday party to attend. It was at Gravity Park a local trampoline park. Normally this kind of venture is loads of fun but at a hefty cost. Naturally we did what any family would do and delayed our plans for Balloon Fiesta and went to the birthday party for a diminished cost. Good times were had by all four of us despite having actually been fighting on our way our the door (as many families do). No? Just us? What gives?

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta started this weekend. If you ever have the chance to come and check it out please do so. It is worth your while. Not having grown up here we are enthralled by the beauty.

I’ll go into it more, with pictures after we go next weekend.

10k trail race this morning. Rain held off and I managed to complete my first official 10K. Sure I’ve run ultras and multiple day events, but I have never “officially” run a 10K (before today) or a marathon. Bucket list.

Anyway I ended up with 8:07/mile and coming in at 49 min 59 seconds. 4th in my age category and 19th overall. Fun stuff. Mostly I was trying to keep up to my buddy Mike but he’s 10 yrs younger than me and doesn’t slow down as much on the uphills. Dick.

Off to bed now though as I apparently need to rest up before making an official appearance for the DoH at a press conference tomorrow with the Mexican Consulate.


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