Long Weekends make me tired.

Whatever happened to the lazy weekend? You know, where you hang around the house puttering in the yard (putter is a word right? I heard that somewhere) and maybe maybe you go somewhere? Do those weekends even exist anymore? Did they ever or are they just myth like Nessie and Aliens? The Chupacabra though…..real!

We made our third trip to White Sands National Monument in southeastern New Mexico. I guess we like it but I think the appeal is obvious.

Sunset mountains.
Sunset mountains.

Lisa had a Full Moon Yoga event which is what brought us back again. I am glad she did it as it was maybe the first time we traveled somewhere as a family specifically for her. The girls got into it as well.

IMG_1077 IMG_1079

We all had a great time playing on the dunes, the girls especially. They spent most of their waking hours sledding down the dunes or surfing if they felt up to it. Sure you get sand everywhere but it’s still way better than the cold weather needed for snow. Take than MN! Plus we were able to camp out and do some intense moon-gazing and stargazing.

Heading down the hill.
Heading down the hill.
Skeet surfin'!
Skeet surfin’!

My favorite part was waking up in the tent in the morning. I rolled over and saw my older daughter looking up out of the mesh at the morning stars. “Look dad, there is Orion.” She was so awestruck, so reverent and in the moment. I am grateful that she appreciates this simple beautiful moment because it doesn’t involve Minecraft or one of the apparently million fucking videos about Minecraft that exist on the internet. She has seen most of them. Don’t get me wrong I truly enjoy playing with her, it is one little thing we share, just us but this is some beautiful shit up in the sky, and she gets that.

Topped it all off with a stop at the worlds largest pistachio. Good snacks and super friendly service.

Lisa and myself in front a a giant green vagina.
Lisa and myself in front of a giant green vagina.
Sunrise colors.
Sunrise colors.

New Mexico has the most beautiful sunrises. Just saying.

Finally, as an aside I wanted to point out my sweet tech. I biked the 16.44 miles to another clinic today. Didn’t get lost even a bit.

Low-tech GPS. 60% of the time it works every time!
Low-tech GPS.

So a busy weekend but a fun-filled one. We came back wiped out but happy and with some pretty amazing memories. Some I think the girls will keep forever. Lifetime family memories. Worth being a bit tired after-the-fact I think.

What are your weekends like? Too full or relaxed in a lazy river around a water-park? Is this what you want? Is it similar to what you remember from childhood?




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