Updates and a shiny charity!

Well well it has been a stretch hasn’t it. Not that I haven’t had things on my mind. I believe I have two other posts in draft….hmm better get moving on those. Until I actually do that though I can get you all up to speed.

Why am I holding up the heavier one?
Why am I holding up the heavier one?

We successfully took the girls on their first Camping trip (away from our backyard).  They did a great job and we are encouraged and emboldened to get even further afield in our next venture.

This time we camped out at Cochiti Lake which is actually a reservoir built into the Rio Grande.  The water was nice (and brown) though the bottom was just a jumble of rocks.  Nothing pointy or sharp really but there was no place to safely place your feet.  Coming from the Midwest I am used to every lake and most rivers even, having soft, soil covered bottoms.

After camping we hiked Tents Rocks National Monument which is basically next door. This is a beautiful and short but moderately difficult trail with two loops, one which is an out and back that climbs through slot canyons to a gorgeous view of the countryside.  Well, perhaps it is not quite so difficult but we went with two kids, one of whom was on my shoulders for most of it and the other had outgrown her shoes (who knew?) and she hiked in flip flops and was grumpy.  Perhaps without that it might go a bit smoother.  Either way we got to see this:

Tent rocks....from volcanic eruptions.
Tent rocks….from volcanic eruptions.
I found Lisa crawling out from under a rock. She's little.
I found Lisa crawling out from under a rock. She’s little.

Lots of fun. Go early because this is New Mexico and it gets hot.  I did have the pull to come back and run it though.  I believe that if I did not have a five year old on my shoulders I could make pretty good time and it ‘d be a fun trail.

Speaking of running shoes I finally got around to getting a new set.  Which means it’s time to retire the oldest pair.

This is pretty ridiculous for me.
This is pretty ridiculous for me and yes that is green deco tape and a band-aid holding the toes together.

I was vacillating between the Icebug Zeal and the Altra Superior 2.0. Ultimately I settled on the Altra due to cost and knowledge base.  Everybody and their mother is talking up Altra and the Icebug athletes are I think almost all OCR racers.

Don’t get me wrong I have the Icebug Accelerita’s and I loved them. I think they might be the grippiest shoes I’ve run in and I did finish a 45 miler in them.  That being said they ran a little narrow and the mid-sole just was not made for that kind of distance.  And honestly, I’m gunning for a 100 mile race.

I do find it funny that my biggest area for adjustment with the Altra’s is exactly what I wanted: support.  I’ve been running in Vibrams and the Icebugs for the last 4-5 years so zero drop is not an issue but I feel like I’m running on pillows right now because I’m used to really feeling the ground-strikes.  It is what I want I just need to adjust to it.

Short initial run. Yep, legs are still hairy.
Short initial run. Yep, legs are still hairy.

Lastly I’m on the fence about the Iphone. Sure the zombie runs are great fun and add some flavor to training but it doesn’t feel the same.  I’m not sure but I may have trained better when I was running out the door with my shoes and my watch.  I miss the sound of my feet hitting the earth and listening to the coyotes howl.  I can’t tell but I suspect I may be slowing down a bit in anticipation of the sprint that comes with the zombie chase.  I can’t verify it but I’m a shady enough bastard to pull that trick.

Lastly Lastly and more importantly: Nathan Fillion is doing a charity fundraiser for the Varscona Theatre. I shouldn’t have to tell you who our favorite Browncoat is but I am happy to do so because he and the show (Firefly and Serenity) deserve it. I honestly have only seen bits and pieces of Castle since I stopped actively watching TV but what I’ve seen is killer. So make with the clicky and the Google and learn all about it.  You’re Welcome.

Anyway he is raising money for a favorite theatre of his and donate through the Prizeo.com campaign and you have a chance to go to LA and have lunch with him and probably goof of and such as he comes off as a very fun and regular famous person. Check it out and consider giving to a good cause.  If not this one then another that is closer to your heart.

*Please note that is a link from my donation and if you donate through there both you and I get extra entries into the contest.  Everybody wins!*

So what do you think about the Iphone?  Do you use technology for fun and performance improvement or do you prefer to have little to no barriers between you and the natural world?  Let me know.



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