We’re going Back…to the Future!

I’ve been avoiding it for some time, two years actually but I’m back to a smart phone.  Not a current phone mind you, my wife’s old IPhone 4 but still a big improvement technically from the Go-phone I was using.

In all honesty I was happy not to have a smart phone. I had gotten myself into trouble with one in the past and though it was simple a means of misbehaving (not the reason) it was good to have it away.

However I did miss a couple things.  I was unable to take picture of my girls when we were out and about.  Like these:

Go Lobos!

IMG_0946 IMG_0947

Water is nice on a hot day in the desert. So I hear.

I am happy to be taking pictures of the girls again.  And myself too I guess.

I think I just look sweaty and tired.
I think I just look sweaty and tired.

I ran the La Luz Trail run for the second time.  Finished in just a few minutes shy of my last time so at least I’m consistent.  It’s a crazy hard but fun race up a mountain.  Very steep but very runnable.  Read up on it and try it out.

Last but not least I can track my runs and bikes (is that a word).  Actually I have been running with the Zombies again. Zombies Run! is an amazing clever and well written running app that will make you laugh and cry and laugh some more.  Yes I will run to the gameshop and pick up some DnD books and minis in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Abel Radio has the funniest hosts and the interval chases (built in interval sprints) are pure genius.

So I guess the technology is fun to have again.  But it is just a means to an end.





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