Homeward bound

Tough I am a big fan of the Simon and Garfunkle Classic, What I am actually referring to is a return to the Midwest.

We returned to ABQ in 2013 and have not been back to visit since.  Not that we haven’t tried. The hospital simply did not let me get away.  Time off was allotted by seniority and only one nurse per shift was allowed off at a time. This meant that even after two years on the floor I never got to take time off when I wanted but only when it was available.  I could go into a rant but I won’t.

This week we are headed back to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  4-5 days spent at each place, the farm and the cabin.  It will be nice to see everyone again and I am sure the kids will all be too big and my mother will seem a bit tired.

Looking forward to it.  Lots to do to get ready which means  my runs are a bit more measured and I am cleaning the house so we can leave it behind.  What sense does that make?

Take care of yourself ABQ.  See you soon.  Probably with mosquito bites.


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