New Mexico rain

My last two runs were both marked by rain and sleet. Unusual for New Mexico but not unheard of, especially this time of year.

On Friday I was up in the foothills trying to find a route that led north. I may have to explore a bit more as I came across a housing subdivision tucked back into the foothills an blocking my progress unless I was willing to cross through peoples backyards. (Big houses btw).

I did bushwhack up to the top of the ridge and then head back south towards my car. A sudden sprinkle of rain turned into rain/sleet and while it was initially great fun I soon began to wonder how soon it would end and decided to cut off the trail and follow a wash down to the trail 800 feet down.

It was a bit dicey but proved to be great fun and I had a smile on my face the entire time (probably because I had decided to wear my rain shell and I was mostly dry and only a bit chilly).  It was slow too but I console myself with the 800′ or so of climb in about a mile and a half.

This morning was a nice relaxing run in the am rain with some sleet thrown in once I made it up to the trail-head. Great way to start the day.

Stay dry folks, or not but get out there anyway.


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