Runners have a Higher Power

Quick post as I have it in my mind.

I ran the Cedro Peak Ultra marathon today. 45 miles.

I’m tired. I do however have this thought that I want to get down before it goes.

Runners, and for this example I am talking about trail runners, have a Higher Power. Yes I am in AA and yes I am religious AND spiritual but that is what enables and encourages me to make this observation.

Trail races are often way out in fuck-all nowhere. In order for the runners to not get lost the Race Director and volunteers mark the courses with ribbon (usually pink or another easily spotted neon) and cairns of rocks (I just like that word: cairns).

Starting out when I am fresh I look around and actively try to find the course marking so I can see where I am headed. This lasts a while but I can tell you that after 30 miles of technical trail in the New Mexico sun I stopped looking.

I did however always find my way and so did the other runners (to my knowledge everyone made it back; they usually do). I was tired and dazed and dehydrated and watching the rocks so I could try to stop myself from stubbing my toes again! (I still stubbed them) without actively participating in my surroundings.

Miraculously every time I did look up there was a pink ribbon or a cairn showing me I was on the right path. Perhaps it is luck or a sixth sense but I prefer to think that someone/something up there is looking out for me when I am struggling just to get one foot in front of the other.

Happy trails all.


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