Sick days

There is something inherently awful about having a sick child.  Children should laugh and play and run around and cause all sorts of havoc and chaos.  Children are not meant to be feverish and weak and nauseous, unable to keep even water down.  Well, no one is but it is worse for kids because well, they are kids.  It is the same as all those cute puppy pictures on the internet.  Puppies are cute because they just are.  Cats are the devil though and you know it.

Today is my second day at home with my youngest child.  I do not believe she has the flu, just a nasty case of the crud.  I look at her, flushed and diaphoretic, looking sadly miserable and my heart breaks.  But then there are windows of happiness.  She perked up a bit after some rest.  We played a game of Go Fish (with Disney Frozen cards of course) while snuggling on the couch, followed by a rousing and entertaining game of Boggle Jr.  All of this was very taxing and she then returned to napping/watching My Little Ponies while I stayed nearby.

So despite how awful it is to watch your child suffer through a passing malady, I am grateful for it as well.  I don’t often get time alone just the two of us.  There are two other people in this house and they demand and require and deserve my attention as well.  I am grateful for this gift of time with my daughter that is given to us both.  I am enjoying it now and perhaps we can both look back in the future and remember this as more than a few sick days on the couch.  Perhaps it will be one of those times dad took care of me and made me feel better.  Perhaps it will make her smile just a little bit.

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