So what does that mean?

Following a vague and esoteric opening post…what does that mean exactly?

It means I intend to do more stuff and I suppose talk/rant/proselytize about it here.  What are all these stuffs I am going to do?  I don’t know exactly yet but they are coming.  Likely they will revolve around my current interests.

Family first.  I love my wife and kids and I’m greatly anticipating more time with them.  Screw this work bullshit.  They are way more fun.  By the way, if any of you have figured out this work from home stuff, let me know.  I’d like to try it.

I am a runner, primarily trail and I am dead serious about improving my running game.  I am currently on Day 285-ish of a run every day for a year challenge. I also plan on running some sort of official race every month of 2015. I’d love to run for a living and write about it here.

I fondly remember reading and writing prolifically.  Sadly I believe I let my own “adulthood” get in the way (read:doing grown up responsibilities and not making my interests a priority).  I shall do more of both.

I played a lot of D&D in my day.  Honestly probably more than I should have and I’m lucky my girlfriend stuck around long enough to become my wife.  That being much more firmly established, I will play more D&D.  I am pretty excited about what I see in 5E (and yes I have played 4E and all the editions prior).  Edition Wars talk will possibly come later.

Lots more to come later as well.

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